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bufo alvarius

Also called the God molecule, this substance is only found in one of the 463 varieties of toad that exist in the world. The Bufo Alvarius is extracted from its parotid glands, the shamans smoke it crystallized during rituals and ancestral ceremonies for purposes curative and for its hallucinogenic qualities.


The glands of the Bufo Alvarius Toad produce a latex called Bufotein. It should be noted that the toad does not receive any damage. That latex is extracted from their glands and dried. The "medicine" is inhaled in a sacred ceremony. Once inside, the body transforms it from "o-methyl-bufoteine" into 5meO-DMT. Making it easily absorbable and capable of crossing the blood barrier of the brain, reaching the brain instantly.


This very special molecule is activated in specific states such as birth, death and sleep. It breaks the chemical filters that the human mind uses to prevent a continuous state of perception, awakening and full awareness. These filters are necessary for our day to day, since they help us to function in this three-dimensional reality, limited by space and time.

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