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Mambe is a powder obtained from roasting, grinding and sifting the Amazonian coca leaves, generally mixing them with cecropia or yarumo ashes. it is combined with a tobacco paste called ambil and with this combination in their mouth (they chew it until it disappears), the indigenous people gather around the fire in a circle of words to talk and make decisions about their community.


The natives attribute special properties and infinite wisdom to it, since they consider the coca leaf as an ancient grandmother who has accompanied them since the beginning of time, giving strength and clarity to their thoughts.

In addition to containing all the medicinal properties of the coca leaf, a sacred plant.


For the indigenous peoples of South America, coca is a mother, a sacred plant that nourishes and gives life, a medicine that heals body and spirit, and in this way we must also treat it. Because when it is used for other purposes, when the use of medicinal plants is decontextualized, then they lose all their benefits and can be harmful.

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