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The Community of Portal Xibalba was born from the need of an honest, noble and wise survival of the culture and customs that allows us to love and enjoy what we do, our work, our family ... taking good care of our body, our spirit and our Mother Earth, in order to return to our divine and immortal nature, the Christic, Buddhist, Shamanic being that we are.


We are a family that works the practical religious philosophy of honoring life, our Mother Earth, our Paternal-Maternal, Universal Principle ... We take care of our vital temples with natural, primary, energetic science ... We cultivate, we respect the architectural order, the traditional practice, the Spirit of Truth, of the Pacha-Mama. Portal Xibalba gives us the possibility of sharing a sacred space, made with the consciousness of devotional service, with the principles of Mayan architecture, auric proportions, the codes of the moons and glyphs, sacred geometry, universal geometry ...


It is a model of life and a friendly community with nature, with housing, with the four elements ... self-sustaining, which respects the Mayan knowledge and that of all cultures, which allows life in harmony with The Whole. It is the union of tradition, ritual and technology of the spirit, together with music and dance to combine in the spiritual, mental and physical health of the individuals who cross the Portal de Xibalba. We have a Temple and the House of Health and the Spirit, where we offer various activities of healing, education, food & beberage and accommodation.


The community always offers a large family of healers, gurus, yogis, Buddhists, tantrics and teachers of other spiritual disciplines who transmit their knowledge to those who seek to transcend the light ... The teachers are disciples of the traditional Mayas, Ah Man's, Ahaus, priests, shamans, wise elders, as well as therapists, musicians and artists.


Oscar Bolívar

Oscar Bolívar & wife Rocío Domínguez

They are the creators and administrators of the beautiful ecological town and temple of Portal Xibalba. Oscar has designed, built and care for this sacred space for 20 years, with the precise intention of creating a space of what he calls "evolutionary organic architecture." Within this village everyone is welcomed as family and fellow students of the Universe.


Ivan Jagdish and his wife Pamela Dharani

This incredible duo has studied and facilitated various forms of holistic healing, such as internships in the Sacred Valley of Peru, working directly with indigenous teachers in the Amazon rainforest, as well as in medical communities in Mexico. They support us and are the facilitators of the Ayahuasca, Kambo and Bufo ceremonies. Their gifts are not limited to these offerings, as they teach yoga, facilitate incredible music, sound healing sessions, and guide traditional temezcal ceremonies.

Oscar Bolívar


Gloria aideé

Oscar Bolívar

Administrator and assistant of Oscar and Rocio, supervise all the operation and the activities that are carried out here. Any questions or concerns regarding accommodation, food, activities and all our services can be dealt with.

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