The Tepezcohuite (Mimosa tenuiflora Wild. Poir.) As it is known in Mexico and which is the same plant as in Brazil is known as Jurema (Mimosa hostilis). In Mexico it is also called the skin tree, because it has important antimicrobial, analgesic and cell regenerating properties in its bark.


This is the Mexican Ayahuasca or Black Ayahasca, it is smoked with its healing protocol, the Ceremonies focus on the healing of the mind, body and spirit. This is one of the most powerful and loving of all ceremonies. The medicine is an organic extraction of the TEPEZCOHUITE plant, which has many active ingredients: DMT, NAO5 DMT, other alkaloids and essential oils. Smells plants, breathes like air with no chemical smell or taste, last much longer than DMT, smooth entry and exit.


The Tepezcohuite / Jurema root bark is widely used throughout the world for the preparation of the entheogenic drink called juremahuasca or anahuasca and in some places also called mihuasca; It is the most powerful infusion, and the one most used in the world as equal to or better than Amazonian ayahuasca, as it requires less liquid and has a high and little variable concentration of active ingredients.


Most people find the medicine (tepezcohuite) stronger, easier and more direct than Ayahuasca or peyote. A life experience that when making communion with the universe and all the ancestors.