Yopo is a natural entheogenic medicine whose origin and first uses are found in the Venezuelan and Brazilian Amazon. It is prepared with the ground seed of the Ananthethera Peregrina plant, which through a process of mixing with other ashes and plant seeds is configured into small black, brown or white plates or cakes, which will then be ground to become into a fine powder before inhalation.


The original way of consuming this medicine is by inhaling it with a yopera which is a tube-shaped instrument that forks into two small tubes that fit each nostril. But we designed it to give it more penetration force and depth of arrival.


Unlike ayahuasca or bufo Alvarius, yopo takes us to a point beyond love, and allows us to peer into unconditionality on the one hand and limitations on the other, as if we were in a room with two windows. This space is just before the experience of unity and after the struggle of the ego, it is a frontier from which duality can be appreciated. Like all entheogenic experiences, yopo opens us up to understanding the other, and allows us to establish deep dialogues with people who are in the same process (ideal for couples or friends) and at the same moment of the experience.


The experience with Yopo also immerses us in an immeasurable feeling of gratitude and understanding. It supports us in the process of discovering oneself, others and life from the eyes of love. Only from pure love, not erotic, can we really know ourselves, unconditional love is what we are, where we come from and where we are going. But in this material life full of conditions we forget about it, in this sense these plants come to help us to recover our memory, so in principle a discharge of energy is needed in the mind, as if a thunderclap broke into normality.


There are many testimonies from people who, after the experience, have felt the first big click to start a process of total liberation from the self-limiting beliefs that imprison us and that has led many to get out of depression or addiction. For our team of therapists and facilitators, it is an ideal complement for processes of healing, understanding and transformation. One more link in the wonderful chain of tools that we have to solve our psycho-emotional and health problems, and to live fully and in peace.