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Evolving spiritual center

Ceremonies, EcoVillage and more

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Portal Xibalbá

Evolving spiritual center

Portal Xibalba is a space for ceremonies, music, healing and learning to raise awareness and discover the magic of the great universal mystery.


We are a community that has come together with the intention of living in harmony with nature and our soul being. We seek to cultivate awareness to live in a sustainable and respectful way with our environment.


We work for the rescue and conservation of ancestral wisdom, receiving here families from all the tribes of the world who come to share their knowledge and medicines.


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Our space is Nature Inspired. Located 12 km from ADO International Bus Station in Playa del Carmen. Portal Xibalba offers accommodation with a garden, terrace and chilling areas.

Casa de la Salud  y el espíritu

The architecture of the buildings is a faithful copy of nature. We capture the anatomical forms of the being, the auric proportions. We build with local materials. Precious woods cured and gifted by the jungle itself, without cutting it down or devastating it. The house has 6 bedrooms, each with a queen size bed, bathroom, and shower. The energy is based on solar panels.


This escape offers you an opportunity to exalt your senses, to harmonize your body and awaken your spirit. It offers you live, fresh, organic food. It offers you different types of therapies, workshops, art, music and recreation. It is a proposal of life in love, peace and integration with our Universe.


Our home is a space where you will find peace and tranquility. The jungle is a magical place to reconnect with nature and forget about the noise of everyday life. Our community gathers people who seek spiritual growth as well as caring for Mother Earth. People who is always ready to help and create a loving environment for all who visit us.



Wonderful experience of sleeping in the jungle in structures created with sacred geometry. It has light from solar panels and mosquito nets.


The Dome

Enjoy paths through the jungle, mysterious sounds at night. Beautiful cenotes and the power of nature



At portal Xibalba we work with ancestral medicines from our ancestors, from the Amazon Jungle and other places such as the deserts of northern Mexico. We have established a family and trust relationships with different indigenous tribes from Peru, Colombia, and Brazil among other places.


These senior teachers, outstanding eminences and with a lineage inherited from an ancient wisdom, come to share their medicines, their songs and their healing remedies for the people who need it most and as a service to humanity.


Get closer to the essence, understanding and clairvoyance of your own being, expanding your consciousness in a safe environment and guided by Shamans who will be present at all times and who come to share their knowledge and songs in the form of icaros with live music.

We carry out different types of commemorative activities, rituals and celebrations. We have the facilities and the team of facilitators so that your event does not lack anything and you can fully enjoy the jungle and the environment with all possible facilities.

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Beautiful organic space, ideal for resting and connecting with nature. It has a private bathroom and light from solar panels. This is a unique house in the middle of the Mayan jungle, built with local materials and respecting nature. It is surrounded by trees, trails and cenotes. It is a magical place to spend days in total contact with nature, to return to the origin and rediscover the beauty and magic of the jungle.


The Community of Portal Xibalba was born from the need of an honest, noble and wise survival of the culture and customs that allows us to love and enjoy what we do, our work, our family ... taking good care of our body, our spirit and our Mother Earth, in order to return to our divine and immortal nature, the Christic, Buddhist, Shamanic being that we are.

We are a family that works the practical religious philosophy of honoring life, our Mother Earth, our Paternal-Maternal, Universal Principle ... We take care of our vital temples with natural, primary, energetic science ... We cultivate, we respect the architectural order, the traditional practice, the Spirit of Truth, of the Pacha-Mama. Portal Xibalba gives us the possibility of sharing a sacred space, made with the consciousness of devotional service, with the principles of Mayan architecture, auric proportions, the codes of the moons and glyphs, sacred geometry, universal geometry ...


It is a model of life and a friendly community with nature, with housing, with the four elements ... self-sustaining, which respects the Mayan knowledge and that of all cultures, which allows life in harmony with The Whole. It is the union of tradition, ritual and technology of the spirit, together with music and dance to combine in the spiritual, mental and physical health of the individuals who cross the Portal de Xibalba. We have a Temple and the House of Health and the Spirit, where we offer various activities of healing, education, food & beberage and accommodation.


The community always offers a large family of healers, gurus, yogis, Buddhists, tantrics and teachers of other spiritual disciplines who transmit their knowledge to those who seek to transcend the light ... The teachers are disciples of the traditional Mayas, Ah Man's, Ahaus, priests, shamans, wise elders, as well as therapists, musicians and artists.

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Pueblo Sacbe, Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo, CP 77724


+52  984 127 2824

+1 407 485 1912

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